The Solar Homestead is Appalachian State University's entry in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011. Inspired by the pioneer spirit of the early settlers in the mountain region of North Carolina, we have designed a self-sustaining zero energy home.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Decathlete of the Week!

Trevor Hogan

Classification: Architecture/Appropriate Technology Major, Undergraduate Senior

Job Title: Site Operations and Transportation Manager 
Joined the Team: January 2011

How did you get involved?
"I knew several people that were involved. They all had great things to say about it, so I decided to join."

The Best Part?
"Representing Appalachian State University. I look forward to showing off what we've been working on in a global competition."

Outside the Team?
"I like to go hiking, tubing, swimming, fishing and whatever else I can do outdoors."

Two Bucket List Items
1- Winning the competition
2- I would like to travel and see different types of buildings from around the world."

If you had one more day to live...
" I'd finish the OMs and spend the rest of the day out on the beach with an ice cold beverage."

Through his display of hard work and dedication, Trevor has been tasked with overseeing all aspects of the seven outbuilding modules. He will be assembling a team that will be in charge of constructing and transporting the OMs.

Congratulations Trevor! With your leadership and determination we know you will have our OMs completed and delivered as scheduled! 

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