The Solar Homestead is Appalachian State University's entry in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011. Inspired by the pioneer spirit of the early settlers in the mountain region of North Carolina, we have designed a self-sustaining zero energy home.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Decathlete of the Week!

Jose Luis Marino-Saldana

Job Title: Project Interior Designer

When did you join the team? January 2010

How did you get involved?  Jeanne Mercer-Ballard announced in class that the university had submitted a proposal to take part in the next Solar Decathlon; once the proposal had been accepted, she encouraged me to become part of the design team.

Best part?  Everything: the people involved, the experience gained by being exposed to every single aspect of a real project, and of course, seeing our design being built and used to represent our school and our state in an international competition.

Ice Cream Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most challenging part?  I truly believe right now all of us are enjoying the challenges that come with the project. I think the challenging part will come later at the end of the competition when we have to say goodbye to the house and the team.

Favorite Architect?  Dr. Ken Yeang. "We need to rethink our lifestyles. Everything depends on our needs and our own demands."

Working hard on his latest design!

The Solar Homestead is very grateful to have Jose as part of our team. His dedication and creative outlook are exactly the kind of things that will lead our team to victory! Keep up the good work!

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