The Solar Homestead is Appalachian State University's entry in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011. Inspired by the pioneer spirit of the early settlers in the mountain region of North Carolina, we have designed a self-sustaining zero energy home.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Decathlete of the Week!

Gina Butler. 

Classification: Appropriate Technology Major, Undergraduate Senior
Job Title: Landscape Designer
Joined Team: January 2011

How did you get involved?
"I started a green roof independent study and then started talking to Dr. Houser. I had heard of the project through word of mouth but then really became interested after talking with Dave Lee after a solar presentation. And now I'm here!"

The Best Part?
"Definitely the people. Everyone that I've worked with has been amazing. Also, I can't grow anything where I live, so being able to grow here is awesome."

Outside the Team?
"When I'm not at the HQ I like listening to a lot of music, gardening, reading & sitting on the couch and hanging out with my boyfriend."

Favorite Candy Bar?
"I don't really like candy bars. I work at an ice cream and fudge place, so candy gets old fast. I'm more of a salty person. "

Ok, so Favorite Salty Snack?
"Oh, white cheddar popcorn."

Random Question of the Day:
Would you rather only be able to speak to animals or only know 7 words?
"Speak to animals. I love animals. I've always wanted to know what my cat is thinking when she's begging for food."

Gina was nominated for her dedicated work with the Homestead's plants. As the landscape designer she is in charge of the green roof, surrounding vegetation and anything concerning the Homestead's garden. Gina, the entire team appreciates your constant work. 

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