The Solar Homestead is Appalachian State University's entry in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011. Inspired by the pioneer spirit of the early settlers in the mountain region of North Carolina, we have designed a self-sustaining zero energy home.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Decathlete of the Week!

jackie stewart.

Jackie with dino in hand.

Classification: Undergraduate Junior, Interior Design Major

Job Title: Architecture and Design Team Member
Joined the team: January 2011
How did you get involved?
"A campus email was sent out and l responded to it then I applied and interviewed. I also knew some of the professors involved. This is a prestigious event so I also heard about it through word of mouth."
The Best Part?
"The interdisciplinary work. I love getting to work with architects, engineers, designers, etc. The people in general are the best part and getting the experience is great."
Outside the team?
"Other schoolwork? just kidding."
"I like watercolor painting, reading, shopping, dinosaurs, foxes & tater tots."
Favorite restaurant in Boone?
"I like them all, it really does depend on what mood I’m in. But it would be between Our Daily Bread & Black Cat."
Would you rather?
Publish your diary or make a movie on your most embarrassing moment.
"Make a movie of my most embarrassing moment. I don’t really have a diary, so I don’t think they could publish anything. As long as you’re able to poke fun at it, then it’s really not that embarrassing. It could even turn into a television series, then a broadway play, and then I’d make a lot of money off of it."

Jackie was nominated by Travis McKenzie for her ability to lift everyone's moods both night and day and for doing a great job at everything she takes on! Congratulations, Jackie, your bubbly and fun-loving personality are sure to brighten anyone's time at the Headquarters! 

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